Christel Leleu – Ferro

Figures Vives workshop (Tourrettes)


My name is Christel LELEU, I am an artist painter and sculptor for more than 20 years.

I opened my workshop, “Figures Vives”, in 2011, in the small village of Tourrettes var (Communauté de communes de Fayence, a few kilometers from Grasse, Saint Raphael and Draguignan).

I first worked a lot on the body in movement and expressive (flamenco, the circus) and then I focused my attention on the faces.

It is the emotion that interests me; who wins at the beginning of the project (working with live models or photographs of artists) and I hope to transmit to the viewer at the end transcended through the filter of my own sensibility.

I use mediums that allow the spontaneity of gesture as ink, watercolour and especially the potential acrylic plastic extended. My palette becomes more and more colorful. I allow myself any possible plastic action – collages of different materials, scratching or even degradation of the media – to serve the expression or emotion.