My latest exhibition took place in Germany, where I was invited by the Kunstverein (Contemporary Art Foundation) of Ingelheim from 22 March to 27 April 2019.

Cafe Muller

This exhibition is the modest expression of what I could extract from Pina Bausch’s world. Pina disappeared in 2009 and I did not know her.

I followed her trace in the devoted documents. I learned to recognize a body dancing under Pina’s eye. It is a body that does not seek perfection. Which is not dictated to. A body that articulates between heaven and earth with its own energy. A body that does not cheat. A body that embraces everything, joy as pain.

I did not see Pina. I saw her generosity and what she made possible. Her legacy is available. Pina made me look within myself as she did with her dancers. I let go of my plans and trusted my feelings. I had access to my most animal nature. It sank, scraped, dug in me and sometimes I was scared and I remained lurking in my cave. Until I jumped again.

I danced, in my way!

Thank you Pina…

Exhibition slideshow