My workshopwindow

I put in new portraits, objects, words. I turn heads, I create environments, I deposite my mood of the day. Estimes I am flamenco and everything inflames, sometimes I feel sacred and I want softness, feathers and white colors. Sometimes I laugh, I make jokes, funny associations. It is like a small stage that stirs, soothes, questions.

Little by little links are woven with the fishermen of the place. Those who pass by car and quickly throw a look before turning, those that wander at night, those who pass and those who live there, the faithful and the occasional people, the critic and the discrete ones, and also this transparent woman that one day whispers me a “thank you” and then “continue” without looking at me.

My workshopwindow is a small popular lake and this honour gives me the courage to expose again. Because this window featured me and sign the end of a process, one where I was in the privacy of the creation, only master on board. Once there my work no longer belongs to me. And moreover, the Terrail square and the Viewer reflect  . The adventure begins!

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